Jalid Sehouli is a gynecologist and oncologist specializing in ovarian, peritoneal and fallopian tube cancer, as well as a university lecturer and writer.

Sehouli’s specialty is experimental surgical gynecology and oncosurgery, as well as physician-patient communication (Breaking Bad News). Sehouli is co-editor of several journals and author (first, senior and co-author) of several hundred articles in national and international journals on all aspects of gynecology and focus on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of female cancers (Gynecologic Oncology). He is principal investigator of several national and international phase I, II, III trials of targeted therapies.

  • Head of the Gynecological Tumor Center and European Competence Center for Ovarian Cancer (EKZE)
  • Surgical and cytostatic therapies of ovarian cancer (various phase I, II, III studies)
  • Principal investigator of various phase I, II, III – studies on targeted therapies, clinical care research quality of life and patient-relevant outcomes (e.g. PROMS, patient preference), monocentric, multicenter, national, European, global (ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, gynecological sarcomas)