About Us

MedMelior Inc. is a life sciences company creating and clinically validating an evolving intellectual property portfolio of novel molecules and drug delivery mechanisms for clinical trials and commercialization.

Our MedMelior Team

Ahmad Doroudian, PhD

Ahmad Doroudian, PhD Chief Executive Officer

  • 20+ years experience as a Pharma CEO in finance, including M&A, and multiple IPOs, Integration of pharmaceutical operations (Whitehall Robbins, Rhone Polenc, Boehringer, Aventis)
  • Founder of Merus Labs (NASDAQ: MSLI), sold for $300 M+ in 2017
  • Acquisition, integration, tech transfer and management of branded pharmaceutical products Enablex®/Emselex®, Entrophen®, Sandomigran®, Sintrom®, Vancocin®, Zaditen®
Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran, PhD

Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran, PhD Chief Operating Officer

  • 30+ years senior pharma executive with experience in global drug development, marketing, business strategy, operations, licensing and M&A
  • Senior executive roles at Pharmacia/Pfizer, Roche, Zeneus/Cephalon, Niiki Pharma, Psioxus
  • Development of Camptosar®, Ellence®, Emcyt®, Sutent® and Vidaza®.
Moira Ong, CPA, CA

Moira Ong, CPA, CA Chief Financial Officer

  • 18+ years experience as VP of Finance & CFO in several private and public companies including Merus Labs (NASDAQ: MSLI), BetterLife Pharma (CSE: BETR)
  • Managed the integration of the supply chain management and accounting Vancocin, Enablex®/Emselex®, acquired from Novartis, by Merus Labs International Inc.
  • Previously at Grant Thornton and Deloitte
Scott Rudge, PhD

Scott Rudge, PhD CMC Head

  • Founded CMC development expert services group in 2004, has worked on over 200 projects for all molecule/therapy classes since
  • Site Director & VP Operations for FeRx; increasing management responsibility at NIST, Synergen, Amylin
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering from Purdue and author of multiple peer reviewed articles, book chapters and an award-winning textbook
Dr. Wolfgang Renz, MD

Dr. Wolfgang Renz, MD Director

  • President of International Business at Physicians Interactive.
  • Formerly served as Corporate Vice President of Business Model & Healthcare Innovation at Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.
  • 10+ years involvement in developing medicines and technology to help people lead healthier, more productive lives.

Our Advisory Board

Jalid Sehouli Professor, MD, h.c.

Jalid Sehouli is a gynecologist and oncologist specializing in ovarian, peritoneal and fallopian tube cancer, as well as a university lecturer and writer.

Sehouli's specialty is experimental surgical gynecology and oncosurgery, as well as physician-patient communication (Breaking Bad News). Sehouli is co-editor of several journals and author (first, senior and co-author) of several hundred articles in national and international journals on all aspects of gynecology and focus on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of female cancers (Gynecologic Oncology). He is principal investigator of several national and international phase I, II, III trials of targeted therapies.

  • Head of the Gynecological Tumor Center and European Competence Center for Ovarian Cancer (EKZE)
  • Surgical and cytostatic therapies of ovarian cancer (various phase I, II, III studies)
  • Principal investigator of various phase I, II, III - studies on targeted therapies, clinical care research quality of life and patient-relevant outcomes (e.g. PROMS, patient preference), monocentric, multicenter, national, European, global (ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, gynecological sarcomas)